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Timeless Design with the future in mind

"Energy Efficient Homes is dedicated to innovation design and construction. We are experienced in designing quality homes using energy efficient ideas that will both help retain and increase their value in the future. Our special design features include using natural elements to the greatest advantage, while still creating attractive and functional homes to suit your needs both now and in the future".

Unique Concepts - Sophistication - Innovation

Splendour designs works in conjunction with Energy Efficient Homes Design & Construction and Splendour interiors and is committed to offer excellence in design and an effortless transition into your uniquely designed home to suit your lifestyle.

Splendour Designs understands the importance of beautiful home design

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Design Team

Jack Estephan - Bach. Arch (Hons) Director Energy Efficient Homes Design & Construction Pty Ltd

Jack has designed some of the most beautiful homes around Sydney and continues to do so.

Marilyne Estephan - Director/Principal Interior Designer - Splendour Interiors Pty Ltd

For me a vision is something that comes from within. It can’t be bought or borrowed.

Splendour Design Team

The Splendour Team is dedicated to exceeding your expectations and creating a design solution for your total needs.