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Our Directors 

Marilyne Estephan
Director/ Principal Interior Designer - Splendour Interiors PTY LTD 

I had a vision. A vision to be successful in whatever I chose to do. For me a vision is something that comes from within. It can’t be bought or borrowed. I always followed my heart. Growing up I came across many challenges in my life which has built my character to be the person and entrepreneur I am now. Full of life and inspiration to all around me it has brought cheer, joy and admiration amongst my staff, family, friends and work colleagues. I am very passionate about my profession and it’s not hard to keep me motivated. It is with great pleasure to see a project completed. To see the joy it brings to my clients is an inspiration and a great tool of motivation in itself. From a young age I always strived to be successful in whatever I had put my hands in. From dancing and winning many awards and scholarships to starting a perfume business at the age of 14.

My husband Jack and I established Energy Efficient Homes Design and Construction in 1995, Brother Company of Splendour Interiors, in a studio apartment above a garage with the vision of one day incorporating an interior design firm and a home furnishing store. This vision came into reality in April 2005 when Splendour Interiors opened it’s doors to the public as an Architectural and Interior Design firm and retail store. Splendour Interiors is now a multi - award winning home furnishing store which is recognised not only in the local community, but the wider community from Sydney, Cremorne, Pymble and The Southern Highlands just to name a few. I hold a wealth of experience in designer knowledge and I have worked on many projects around Sydney in conjunction with Energy Efficient Homes. At the age of 21 I met and married my husband Jack, an architect with many amazing and successful projects which has led him to win awards and receive recognition in the world of architecture. It was then when I thought to change my career path and work alongside my husband. I went to Design school and from there I achieved outstanding results that kept me motivated to continue this profession. In 1995 we first established Energy Efficient homes. We worked very hard together to build a strong clientele in the building industry now working with solicitors, conveyances and lawyers across Sydney, Central Coast, South Coast and Southern Highlands. We have been able to maintain our work relationship with them to continue to work on another vision. This vision came into reality in April 2005 when Splendour Interiors first opened its doors at 10 Hill Street, Camden. 


Starting off in a small run down building left to ruin, we gutted out the building and created a unique ambience within the store and brought it back to life. Now with Splendour Interiors grown to a point where we had to move to much larger premises to give us the much needed space we had outgrown in our original building. We are now located at 38 Argyle St, Camden in another run down building we have now completely rejuvenated to house Splendour Interiors. It is now an iconic building which has led to a buzz in town. People just can’t believe the transformation and what impact it has made to Camden. We continually get emails, phone calls and people dropping in to praise us for the beautiful outcome we have achieved to the entry of Camden. This in itself keeps my motivation on a high and I want to give back as much as I can to the local community that supports me and my business. 


 Entrepreneur - Marilyne Estephan


Jack Estephan 
BACH. ARCH (HONS) Director of Energy Efficient Homes Design & Construction PTY LTD

Jack Estephan has over 30 years experience in beautiful Home design and prides himself on service and quality. Jack is also a very well renowned Building and Pest Inspector with over 20 years experience in this field and works all over the Sydney metropolitan area and also travels as far as the central coast, Sutherland Shire, Southern Highlands, and the Blue Mountains. 


Jack has built a reputation in the building and Design industry as being one of the most sought after Building Designers and Building Inspectors in Sydney. Jack will assist in site selection according to lifestyle requirements, designing your home around the site and aspect specifically chosen. Jack will work with your individual taste and integrate it with the streetscape to create a home of true Splendour. 


Jack has designed some of the most beautiful homes around Sydney and continues to do so. 


One of Jack’s famous mottos is “it costs exactly the same amount of money to build a beautifully designed home to a poorly designed home of similar materials, it is just getting the design concept right from the beginning”. Jack has never designed the same home twice as every site is unique and everyone’s life style is as individual as they are.

Our Team

Madison Wright
Commercial Interior Designer
Vivien Vella
Junior Interior Designer
Isabel Estephan
Social Media and Marketing Manager 
Karina Headshot.jpg
Karina Cruickshank
Junior Interior Designer
Jackson Lewis
Junior Interior Designer/ Building Designer 
James Estephan
Marketing Assistant
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