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Five Tips to Help Increase Your Property Value

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

As a property owner, we hope that one day our property will be worth more than what we paid for it. Whilst, the majority of the property's value relies on uncontrollable factors like location, population growth, infrastructure and the property market, there are some things within our control that we as interior designers assist our clients to control that can assist with increasing the overall property value.

Keep in mind: It's often the smallest changes that have the biggest impact... in other words a full-scale renovation is not required to make a return on your investment.

From the time your property is viewed online to when they walk into your home, it is evidently clear that looks are essentially EVERYTHING! When appealing to a diverse range of people we recommend keeping it simple, neutral and slick. Continue reading for 5 tips and affordable ways to help improve the appeal of your home to potential buyers as well as increase its value.


A fresh coat of paint is most definitely an easy and coast-effective way to refresh the look of your home while boosting value. More than often, our homes appeal to our taste and sometimes is not effective in appealing to the general population when on the market. As a result, we recommend going for a neutral colour scheme, using white as an accent colour to the doors, architraves, skirtings and trims. Some of our favourite shades from Dulux include:


There is nothing more appealing than a beautiful garden to complement the home. Now you don't need to spend an extensive amount of your budget on the landscaping around your home, but allocating some of your budget to landscaping can really show potential buyers possibilities with the external space. Mow through long grass, do some weeding, and discard any junk that has accumulated so that you can show a clean, manicured backyard. It not only looks great but is an excellent selling point. You can even add some outdoor plants in beautiful concrete pot on the patio to add dynamic to your outdoor space.


A priority for most buyers is the functionality of bathrooms and kitchens. Make these rooms on of the top focus areas when adding value to your home. Emphasise these rooms by adding accessories and decorator items to the space. In the kitchen, rearrange your pantry to be organised and clean, use baskets, containers and dividers to add to the overall functionality of the space. It's possible to create a whole new bathroom look without renovating. Small, but modern updates, such as replacing handles and taps is a simple way to elevate the appearance of this room. Consider painting tiles if they look old, or grubby. If your vanity is outdated, replacing it will make a remarkable difference to the feel of the room. These simple but effective changes can add extensive value to potential buyers.


Adding decorator items like cushions, rugs and throws can make a big difference to the look and feel of your home. Consider adding some beautiful art to the walls, and style your surroundings with decorator pieces such as vases, lamps and decorator bowls. If you are selling your home, it's essential for potential buyers to be able to see the space as somewhere they could potentially live.

Check out our online store for some practical items you can buy to spruce your home for sale and add to your new home when you move in.


How your home looks from the street influences desirability for potential buyers. Whilst adding a fence may not necessarily add to the value of your home, revamping the one that you have by freshly painting it and fixing any broken sections will add to the street appeal of your overall home. Additionally, replacing or painting your front door a different colour will boost your curb aesthetic for little cost.

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