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An Interior Designers Guide to living with Pets

With Covid lockdowns in full swing, it’s no wonder that people all over the country are bringing furry friends into their lives. Our pets often dictate a lot of our decorating choices, but we shouldn't let them rule every single decision. We have compiled a list of tips and hints when designing your home with your fluffy friend in mind.

Tip 1: Fur-Friendly Fabric

Think carefully about the fabrics you choose to upholster and how likely they are to gather fur.

We recommend avoiding fabrics that are a magnet for pet hair like velvet, mohair, and velour. We also recommend you steer clear of any delicate materials that could be damaged by your adorable little friend like embroidery furniture or silk items.

When choosing a fabric with your fur friend in mind, opt for smooth tapestries, leathers and synthetic fibers. Invest in quality textiles that will withstand the test of those claws!

Handy Hint: if your pet sheds its fur, choose a fabric for your sofa that has a similar tone to your pet's coat.

Tip 2: Floors in Mind

With inevitable rainy and muddy days we highly recommend flooring that is easy to clean. You should hardwood floors that dent/scratch easily and require rapid cleaning should a puddle appear (hardwood floors stain very quickly)! If you are absolutely set for those beautiful wooden floors, then opt for harder woods e.g. mahogany or oak.

We recommend opting for laminate flooring, stone or ceramic tiles. These also have the additional benefit of keeping your pets cooler during hotter weather.

Tip 3: A Throne fit for your Pet

An essential part of pet friendly interior design must surely be the addition of their very own comfy pet bed. When choosing a pet bed, opt for a neutral coloured fabric so you can happily leave it on display in your living room or bedroom. Opt for a pet bed made of high quality materials, creating a sumptuous space for them to relax, unwind and recharge after their busy day of play.

We recommend you avoid mismatching with the rest of the room's décor i.e. don't place a traditional tartan pet bed into a swanky, sleek apartment, rather select a simpler, more contemporary design that will enhance the rest of your interiors.

Hand Hint: To counteract pet smells, use room sprats or reed diffusers so you and your visitors aren't greeted with pet odour when you walk in the door.

Tip 4: Wining and Dining

When it comes to 'wining and dining' your pets, make sure you splurge on a ceramic dish or bowl that co-ordinates with your colour scheme, instead of the usual bold and brash 'Fido-themed' pet bowls on offer at the pet store. Handmade pottery items are an excellent choice for this purpose, as they tend to be more solid and robust.

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