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Design Trends for Autumn 2022

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Despite some of us still being in summer mode, Autumn is closely approaching, and we are so excited to re-introduce into our homes the rich autumn colours and cozy textiles the season has to offer. Every season offers a fun excuse to refresh your home. As seasons change, our design style is constantly evolving, too. We all have a little passion inside of us for interior decorating. We have gathered our favourite autumn interior design trends of 2022 to help you look forward to cooler season ahead of us.

Rich Colour Palettes

This season's colour palette is comprised of heavily saturated autumnal colours with brown, orange and dark red tones playing the lead role. Dark wood details compliment this trend, adding a rich and luxurious note to the interior style. This season’s textiles complete this look by tying together the autumnal accents with playful patterns. You will be able to achieve this rich colour palette without spending an arm / leg. Think soft-furnishings including rugs, throws and pillows to warm the space up. To add your wooden textures think smaller items like wooden sculptures, coasters, or place matts.

Natural textures

Adding textures means creating visual interest and this can be achieved through layering a space by using an array of different textiles and materials. Through embracing natural materials we are able to bring a sense of wellbeing and warmth into our homes. Natural materials, such as teak, jute and rattan are quickly becoming everyone’s favourite indoor textures. Throws are one of the easiest ways to add texture to your space. The best part. they are both functional and attractive pieces, providing you with warmth as the cooler seasons approach, as well as adding instant style, helping to make a space feel complete and finished. Adding beautiful textures, like storage baskets or wall decor made from natural materials can quickly transition your home into a more inviting space. Mixing materials and layering is key to make textural elements work together. Bringing in the natural materials is certainly an essential part of creating a cozy home.

Art and Sculptures

Don't be afraid to mix and match different material choices, patterns, colours and shapes this autumn to create an atmospheric home. If you are wanting to sprues your room with a new art piece don't be afraid to add an abstract / Van Gogh styled pieces with warmer tones, not only will add a whole lot of interest to your space but will incorporate playful expression to your home. When looking at sculptures think natural martials like wood, stone or concrete.

The Reading Nook

Is there anything better than curling up in a hidden space in the home and discovering the joys of a good book? No home is complete without a reading corner, look at investing in an elegant side table or a new lamp for some soft atmospheric lighting and create a reading corner, inviting you to carve out some time for yourself this autumn.

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