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Design Trends for Autumn 2023

It's time to say goodbye to Summer and hello to Autumn. The nights are cooling down and the days are getting shorter, bringing a shift in design trends for the coming season. At Splendour, Autumn design trends are some of our favourites to incorporate into our projects, using bold and natural tones and raw accents. If you've been waiting to refresh your home, there isn't a better time than now.

Bold Earthy Tones

If you know us, you know we love to use bold tones throughout our projects. Bold and earthy colours are making a return this autumn and are expected to be used throughout projects Australia-wide. The best ways to incorporate these tones are through bold, unique cushions, painting your front door in an earthy tone, or incorporating touches of rust throughout your home. The options though are truly endless!

Mixing Metals

We absolutely love raw-looking metals and can't wait to see how mixed metals make their comeback. Mixing brass, silver and coppers throughout a room can create a sophisticated and put-together concept, whilst still looking eclectic and casual. Try mixing different lighting fixtures, drawer and cupboard handles and decorator items throughout your space to achieve this look.

Mono-Room Design

Bold patterns are perfect for this trend and can create a fun and unique experience in your home. We recommend matching wallpaper and fabrics throughout your space to add character to the room. If this is a bit too bold, however, we recommend selecting wallpapers and fabrics from the same collection to create a gorgeous, cohesive space. This is sure to add depth and dimension to your room.


Who could deny the beauty of organic terrazzo? With its heritage dating back hundreds of years, this gorgeous material never dates and always creates a beautiful feature piece in any space. Whether using terrazzo for the floor, a side table or a decorator item, its variation in colour and texture adds a design flair to the room and will wow your guests. We absolutely love terrazzo and look forward to seeing how you can find a use for it in your home!

Make Autumn 2023 yours by updating and refreshing your home. Don't be afraid to choose bold materials, textures and patterns and embrace the look of an eclectic space - make it yours! Be sure to tag us in any of your Autumn projects @officialsplendourinteriors. If you need any assistance with your next project, don't hesitate to reach out to our designers at Splendour Interiors.

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