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Greg Natale chooses Splendour

Updated: Jun 6, 2018

Not many interior design and homeware stores have the privilege like us to be asked by Greg Natale and his team to promote and sell his beautiful new fragrances supplied and made by Cocolux Australia.

Greg Natalie has been in the interior design field for just over 17 years and definitely knows all the ins and outs of the interior design game. Greg has had many achievements over his 17 year career in the interior design field with designs featured in numerous local and international publications including Architectural Digest, Harper’s Bazaar, The Wall Street Journal, Vanity Fair, Vogue Living and Belle Australia.

Just recently Greg Natale and Cocolux Australia came together in collaboration to bring together the Greg Natalie Fragrances, in Gregs words "it brings the definitive sensory layer to complete your luxury interior". The collaboration brought out three wonderful and indulging new fragrances that capture the spirit of wanderlust, moments steeped in nostalgia as well as bold, crisp new impressions of some favourite aromas. Created from diverse perfumes, each expertly infused with sustainably-harvested coconut wax, these three new Greg Natale candles are toxin-free, clean burning, individually packed and poured by hand in Australia by the leader in their field, Cocolux Australia.

Here at Splendour we strive for the best and we always want to make our customers happy. Our new Greg Natale Fragrances will do just that. So come in and enjoy the new scent you will not be disappointed.

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