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Our New Label - Arendal est. 2020

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

Inspired by the property upon which our Showroom is based, we have developed a new luxury homewares brand reflective of our passion for sustainability and beauty, complementing our natural environment. Arendal est. 2020, was created in a time where uncertainty was prominent, staying at home was inevitable and celebrating milestones with family was over facetime. 2020 was a time that brought us much unease, however also provided us with the opportunity to focus on a project we had in the pipeline for many years. As Interior Designers, we frequently recommend various decorator products and homewares to our clients. Whilst we always ensure the products we recommend are of incredible quality, it became harder and harder to recommend products which aligned with our design values in creating spaces that are practical and unique. With this in mind, we wanted to create a homewares brand which boasted a sense of luxury, crafted with sustainable materials, ensuring quality is upheld across the finish product.

Scent is one of the most heightened senses linked to triggering emotion, but when it comes to interior design, the importance of fragrance and its ability to positively affect our mood is often overlooked. Launching in our Arendal est.2020 collection, is a candle and diffuser range to help create the perfect ambience and might just be the finishing touch to making your house feel more like home. The Arendal candles and diffusers are made with love and passion creating a luxury scent in your space. Hand poured in Sydney, Australia, we use a rich blend of premium ingredients so you can enjoy a longer lasting fragrance. With five fragrances to choose from, you will be able to find the perfect scent for your home. Our scents have been named after feelings we hope to achieve in our life, love, tranquillity, passion, peace, and serendipity. Whether you are gifting or buying for yourself, you can rest assured knowing each scent is reflective of a certain emotion you are hoping to achieve.

Our pure French linen throws and cushions in our Arendal collection make for the perfect piece for those who are passionate about quality. Made with the best materials, we have designed a range of French Linen throws and cushions that can blend well with any interior design scheme. Furthermore, we have designed a range to ensure elegance and comfort is embedded into your bedroom or living areas.

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