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Who runs the world..... Women

Friday 8th of March, Women from around the world come together whether it be in a big community or with the people who matter the most to them, to celebrate a day so special to them, International Woman's Day. First started in 1910, it was a movement to recognise the rights of Woman and the idea they deserved to be treated equal. It is seen as a focal point in the movement for women's rights. For over 100 years it is a movement that has continued to grow every year and since 1996 the UN has introduce offical themes with 2019's theme being 'Think Equal, Build Smart and Innovate for Change'.

This past Friday, the staff of Splendour interiors came together with friends and colleagues to celebrate the special day. With a high tea and cupcakes to go around the ladies explained to each other what this day meant to them and how it has created a platform for them to do anything they want.

The joy and laughs continued all the way until a special visit by Effie from Acropolis Now, who continued the laughs and brought a smile onto the faces of the ladies present as she told jokes and spoke about what International Womens Day means to her. "International Womens Day is a special day celebrated around the world every year and it is moments like this, that allow us as Women become the people we want to be"

"We are leaders in our own right and have the power to be and do anything we want to in this world".

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