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5 Tips to Hosting an Unforgettable Christmas

Christmas is by far one of the most magical times of the year, and if you have the privilege to host the day with your family and friends, this is the perfect blog for you. We have complied 5 hosting tips to make it an unforgettable Christmas for you and your guests, one that all will hopefully remember for years to come.

Tip 1: Embrace the senses

When hosting, some people forget the key subtleties that we as humans subconsciously gravitate to, our five senses; sight, touch, sound, taste and smell. It's fairly obvious, but a clean and tidy space is much more inviting than a home overtaken by mess. When considering touch, think about elements your guests are likely to feel. For example; napkins on the table, linen or paper, by going that little extra mile if you can afford to, linen napkins make the overall feel of the day that little more luxurious. Sound or music play such a vital role in creating an ambiance. Check out the 'Happy Holidays' genre on Spotify to find your Christmas Tempo. We recommend 'Christmas Coffeehouse' for meal time, followed by 'Christmas Favourite' for the classics to rock away to by the end of the day after a little too much wine has been drunk. Taste, tis is not an element of entertaining to be overlooked. Food is important and something your guest will remember after the day is done. Remember it's Christmas time, so make sure you include some Holiday Food like Turkey, Gingerbread, and if you want to go the extra mile, maybe even try some eggnog. Finally, the smell of your cooking wafting through the house is a nice teaser for your guests of what is to come, Also consider lighting some Christmas candle scent to really embrace the ambiance of the day.

Tip 2: Embrace your Christmas Craziness

For maximum festivity, use that Christmas craziness we know you have inside you. I mean lets be honest, you wouldn't be hosting Christmas without it. We recommend getting your hands on as many fairy lights and candles as is conceivable (propping candle sticks into empty wine bottles is a quick and surprisingly beautiful way to light up the room), transforming your home into a Christmas wonderland.

Tip 3: The Christmas Feast (aka food coma time)

Keep it simple!!! Pick your 5 favourite dishes and prepare those. Make sure you are well in advance prepared for the day. Try and order your meat and seafood a month out, go to your local food market and speak to your Bucher or Fishmonger for order. Some who don't love to cook, well we recommend hosting a potluck a type of communal gathering in which each guest brings a dish. Each of your friends are able to show off their favourite home made dish with others, and lets be honest there’s a substantial less amount of work involved on your part. In effort to stick with the Christmas theme, we recommend hosting an ‘Around the World Christmas’ potluck, where each guest cooks up a traditional Christmas dish from a specific cuisine.

Tip 4: Cocktails

It's the one time of year where you can go all out!!! So why not make a signature cocktail to go with your Christmas day. Think Gingerbread Martini, made with spiced caramel sauce, vodka and Baileys Irish cream liqueur, and topped with gingerbread men. Click HERE for the full recipe.

Tip 5: Its all Fun and Games

If you have the means, put some yard games out, it can be fun no matter your age !!! Jumbo Jenga, Ring Toss, even Finska, you will bound to have the oldies up having a go! If you are inside, get out the board games to liven the night. Shop our outdoor games online now.

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