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We don't like the word trend here at Splendour as the word itself implies something short lived. People are constantly asking us... "what is the interior design trend for 2108", and although there are colour and futuristic furniture trends implied by many home magazines for 2018, we here at splendour like to delve into a design that is a little more long lived.

Like fashion, there is a new interior design trend every season, and unless you have an endless amount of money streaming in, changing your decor all the time is not economical. In saying this, there are a couple of interior design hacks that can make you look as though you are in trend, when in fact, those were the same pillows you had 2 years ago.

Hack number 1: When buying anything always look at the products future in your home!!! Ask yourself, what is the purpose behind buying this product? Is it because I like it on display in the store or is it because it will add value to the space within my home. A lot of the time we have customers that come in and fall in love with a product that may not suit the style of their home and the line we here over and over again is "I love it too much to let it go... I'm sure ill find somewhere for it". By placing a product with something of a different style, it can easily date the new product and will interfere with the timeless design of the home.

Hack number 2: Dare to be different!!! There is nothing like walking into a home with the feel of being in a display house. No one person is the same as another, and nor should your home be the same as another. Figure out what makes you unique and let that quality shine throughout your home. For example; if you're a real green thumb, implement greenery within your house. You could add a vertical green garden with your kitchen where you could grow your own herbs. Small touches of individuality help to make any design timeless.

Hack number 3: What suits you may not suit someone else!!! Time and time again there are certain things I wish I could wear because it looks good on the model, however it doesn't suit me. The same goes for a house. There are many styles of home - traditional, ultra modern, hamptons, french provincial, just to name a few - in which certain products will never suit, and therefore throws the design completely out. Always keep in mind the style of your home and match products to the style. By keeping in line with the design of the home you are bound to create a timeless deign.

Never forget this is your home, you should be happy and surrounded by the things you love. Trends change, but you will always stay timeless.

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