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Spruce Your Home For Spring

With the weather warming up and the flowers starting to bloom, its time for a fresh new start. Time to open the windows, let some fresh air in, and tackle all of the spring cleaning you’ve put off during your winter nesting.

We have compiled a list of things you can do this month to bring more focus, tranquility and peace into your home.


We're spending more time at home, now then we ever have before and spring is the perfect time to do a house cleanse. Our general rule is, if you haven't used it in the last12 months, its time to loose it. We spoke about this in depth in our last blog post, however living in a minimalistic home gives you the time to concentrate on your health like improving your diet, exercising more, reducing your stress or getting a good night’s sleep. Living in an uncluttered environment also reduces the toxins and dust building up in and around your stuff.

If you are looking around and don't know where to start, we always recommend to start in your favourite room / space to be in, and go from there. Clear your closet and your draws, you would be surprised how much better you feel once you have done this. If you have clothes, furniture or knick-knacks that are still in good condition, don't throw them out - try selling them!


Change up your throw cushions, put away your winter rugs and blankets, and buy yourself a big bunch of flowers for the living space. There is nothing more satisfying than changing your decorator items for a new season ahead. We love placing our bright coloured cushions on the lounge to brighten up the space and buying ourselves a large bunch of beautiful spring flowers for the living space. There is nothing more beautiful then walking into the home and smelling the fresh scent of beautiful rhododendron and tulips.


Nothing beats curling up into a freshly made, soft, comfortable bed. We recommend linen sheets, they will keep you cool during the hotter months and warmer during the cooler months.


With the new season fully in play, Spring has brought longer days and warmer nights which means we can spend more time outside with a cocktail in hand, enjoying the sunset and the smell of dinner being cooked on the barbecue. Give your outdoor furniture a refresh by cleaning off the cobwebs, give the cushions a wash and wipe the table down. If your outdoor setting is looking tired, try adding some colourful, weather proof cushions and table décor.

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